The Alaska Outdoor Podcast

Welcome to the Show: Episode 1

Stay up to date on Alaska news, environmental issues affecting Alaskans and hear first hand accounts from true survival stories!

Episode 2 "23 Days below Zero"

Tyson Steel joins me to tell a first hand account of surviving 23 days in the Dead of Alaskan winter after his cabin caught on fire!

Episode 3 " Hunting is Conservation"

In this Episode, I'm joined by long time Alaskan hunter and SCI Alaska Chapter Liason, Louis Cusack. In this episode, we took on some of the hard questions from those who disagree with hunting and direction for new hunters!

Episode 4 "Gunshot at the Gold Mint"

Welcome back, Alaska. In this Episode, I'm joined by Angel Heaton. We discuss an incident in 2019, when the National Guard air rescued her out of the Talkeetna Mountains!